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Little Buddy is our 1964 Ken-Craft Travel Trailer. We picked him up about a year ago and are excited for you to meet him. I have just discovered the world of vintage trailer bloggers and am excited to explore and meet others with this interest. When we got our trailer, we searched the web for info on Kencraft trailers. There seems to be very little out there about these unique little guys. But in the vintage trailer blogs, I am finding so much information. Not to mention the fantastic world of "glamping". Although our "Little Buddy" is not "glammed" up (yet), I still wanted to share some pics for anyone interested. Thanks for visiting!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Some "Before" Pics:


  1. Hello I love your "Little Buddy" he really does look like Petunia. I love the turquoise! Were you able to keep the original fridge? Petunia still has her's (pink with turquoise interior) and it works like a charm. Did you refinish the paneling? and how?...

  2. Thank you for the post. Don't they look pretty similar? No, we do not have the original fridge. I wish! We have a newer ice box that came with it. We use it for our dry goods mostly and keep everything else in ice chests outside. Our paneling was in pretty good shape except for a few areas with some water damage. When we got it, the dinette had awful wallpaper that I tried to remove, but just ended up painting that area instead. Saw on your blog that you are going to Santa Cruz. We just got back from a great stay at New Brighton State Park in Capitola. If you ever go, try to get a "premium" site overlooking the ocean. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. hi there. your trailer looks very familiar..were you at the vintage trailer rally in tahoe last september that the 'trailerettes' put on, by any chance? if so, you and your hubby borrowed our spare tire (yours was flat). :o) and if you're not those folks, hello - it's grand to meet you! thanks for visiting my trailer blog. :o)


  4. btw, your trailer's in wonderful shape. our kencraft is too. minor things, yes, but their beauties!!!

  5. Hi there- no wasn't us in Tahoe last year. Have yet to enjoy a vintage trailer rally. Thanks for checking out our trailer. I was having a hard time finding any other Kencrafts online and now it's like a chain reaction on these blogs. You find one and then it leads to another!!! It's so great!! Yours is fantastic and looks to be in great shape as well.

  6. Hi, thanks for stopping by! I love Little Buddy. It's interesting that our trailers have a totally different layout. Is that your bed that folds into a sofa? I'm wondering if ours did at one time. The base is too wide to use it as a sofa but I love that feature! We also love the premium sights at New Brighten Beach. We lucked out one fall and camped without a reservation. It seems like they are booked solid these days. We have never camped in the Kencraft because we don't have a truck or car big enough to tow it. We have an Aloha that is about 13 ft. and a 10 foot scamp that we use for camping. The tires on the Kencraft are pretty questionable too. Aren't they just beautiful trailers though? We love ours. Someday we'll buy a truck so we can do a little luxury camping!


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