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Little Buddy is our 1964 Ken-Craft Travel Trailer. We picked him up about a year ago and are excited for you to meet him. I have just discovered the world of vintage trailer bloggers and am excited to explore and meet others with this interest. When we got our trailer, we searched the web for info on Kencraft trailers. There seems to be very little out there about these unique little guys. But in the vintage trailer blogs, I am finding so much information. Not to mention the fantastic world of "glamping". Although our "Little Buddy" is not "glammed" up (yet), I still wanted to share some pics for anyone interested. Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

...every little bit counts. Little Buddy continues to get better and better...

Samuel P. Talyor SP... Awww, sweet relaxation

A much needed mini vacation to Samuel P. Taylor SP in Marin County. Just a few days, to enjoy the good weather and relax. We've never been to this park before, but were very happy with our visit.

Our little trailer continues to get better. We've replaced the old (and dilapidated) marker lights with vintage clear glass bee hive assemblies, to match the porch light. My husband ended up modifying the assembly to take a 3/4" LED light. So the assembly is clear until we turn on the lights of our tow vehicle then they're red or amber respectively.... pretty cool. He also added some scissor jack style levelers. They are very inconspicuous, and make setting up much faster...

Next on the list of goodies is a reproduction Ken-Craft emblem for the side, and restoration for our old license plate, and.... maybe upholstery for the cushions. But who knows what my husband will surprise me with next...   

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